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Live Concerts

Live Concerts

Watch all our LIVE events in their full form. We are talking about memorable parties and shows you need to re-watch and relive. These live events are typically several hours long. Watch events like THE DEEP, SHIFT Thursdays, and More!

Live Concerts
  • The DEEP - Goldfish (Full Length Concert) (The DEEP 2023)

    Live from the rooftop of X Denver. Before changing the Electronic Music game in South Africa as GoldFish, Dominic Peters and David Poole were mild-mannered students by day that blew the roof off house parties by night. The trail-blazing live show, which mixed tireless house beats with multiple li...

  • THE DEEP - VCTRE (Full Length Concert) (The DEEP 2023)

    Featuring guttural bass lines and a vivacious swagger, VCTRE hones in on the textures and boisterous musical attitude that has brought him a growing acclaim across the realm of low-end music.

  • The DEEP - Marvel Years (Full Length Concert) (The DEEP 2023)

    Live from the rooftop of X Denver!

    Since Cory Wythe started the Marvel Years project over a decade ago, he’s been exploring the farthest reaches of solo electronic production.  Taking inspiration from alternative masters like RJD2 and Pretty Lights, the Vermont-born and New York-based artist we...

  • The DEEP - Emmit Fenn (Full Length Concert) (The DEEP 2023)

    Meet our headliner and final act of THE DEEP Summer Series 2023! Raised in Berkeley, California, Emmit Fenn is a singer, songwriter, and producer of offbeat, cinematic soundscapes in the realm of indie electronica.

  • The DEEP - il:lo (Full Length Concert) (The DEEP 2023)

    Live from the rooftop of X Denver. THE DEEP Summer Series 2023!

    il:lo was born at the meeting of Dejan Dejado and Andreas Schütz in Prague in 2010. These two French producers shared common interests and they decided to collaborate in 2012. After six months of to-ing and fro-ing between the two m...