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Live from Denver, Colorado!

Live from Denver, Colorado!

We’re curating a selection of amazing performances spanning genres from dance music to jam bands, to SHIFT Thursdays, & everything in between. Shows will be available within 5-14 days to those who subscribe directly to RIVER BEATS TV🤘

Live from Denver, Colorado!
  • ESSEKS - Live From Cervantes

    Sam Eckstein is a producer/musician/illustrator based out of Brooklyn, NY. Esseks cut his teeth in the dance music space circa 2015 with his explosive debut album Bad Cartoons. It wasn’t long after his breakthrough that the industry embraced his forward-thinking, cutting-edge production styles.

  • Duffrey - Live From Cervantes

    Duffrey Live From Cervantes Masterpiece in Denver Colorado (2024). Duffrey is a producer with an insatiable hunger for brain-tickling soundscapes and squelchy bass. Woody Klann, a musician from a young age, has been squeezing sounds from his environment since he can remember. He combines an unden...

  • Dreamers Delight - Live From SHIFT Thursdays

    We hosted Dreamers Delight this January at Cervantes - This event was for his debut album party for "The Observatory LP'

  • DMVU B2B ESSEKS..Live From Mission Ballroom

    Join us as DMVU & ESSEKS go B2B from the one and only Mission Ballroom in Denver!

  • EPROM - Syntheism Robotics (Live From Mission Ballroom)

    EPROM presents ‘Syntheism Robotics’ LIVE FROM MISSION BALLROOM (2023) - This live show features cutting-edge robot systems by Motorized Precision, in sync with a full audiovisual presentation. Join us as we present behind-the-scenes moments, interviews, and the full set from EPROM's once-in-a-lif...

  • G Space & Zone Drums - Live From Denver

    Live from Orchid Denver! River Beats, G-Space, & Zone Drums Present: The G Zone Fam Jam