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Podcasts & Shows

Podcasts & Shows

Your hub for podcasts and TV shows diving deep into music, festival news, and pop culture. From exclusive artist interviews to behind-the-scenes festival coverage, our podcasts and shows deliver the latest trends, stories, and insights from the vibrant worlds of music and entertainment. Tune in for an immersive experience where every episode is a journey through the beats and buzz of the music scene and beyond.

Podcasts & Shows
  • Lizzy Jane Podcast #126 - Mr. Bill

    Mr. Bill is an electronic music producer, and DJ from Sydney, Australia (currently residing in the USA) best known for his willingness to share tips in studio techniques & massive library of technical know-how with other aspiring producers.

    With a huge catalog of released original music (includ...

  • Lizzy Jane Podcast #122 - DrinkUrWater

    Germany-born Kevin Flum AKA DRINKURWATER, is known for producing weird and heavy dubstep with a “wet” bass feel, meanwhile sprinkling a bit of genre diversity into his sets to thirst the quench of every audience member. DRINKURWATER aims to spread a message that highlights self-care, harm reducti...

  • The Lizzy Jane Podcast

    2 seasons

    Lizzy Jane Podcast brings an insight into the entertainment industry every week with in-depth conversations with industry personnel. The series features dance producers, music industry insiders, agents, managers, and touring festival-level artists.

  • Lizzy Jane Podcast #108 - Zen Selekta

    Straight from the city of Atlanta, Georgia, and embracing the cultural richness of her Spanish heritage, Nicole, widely recognized as Zen Selekta, makes music that gracefully intertwines moody, deep, and dark vibes with ethereal melodies and ethnic influences.

  • Lizzy Jane Podcast #113 - Maddy O'Neal

    Dirty Funky Bass Music but make it pretty.

    The vibe and soul of the Maddy O’Neal project combines soundscapes from all across the spectrum of genres…Rich in texture and atmosphere, her roots in funk and soul shine through in a bed of low end frequencies making for a unique environment for future...

  • Lizzy Jane Podcast #111 - DMVU

    Better known by his musical alias DMVU, Denver based producer Matthew Phillpot-Jones continues to etch his own indelible mark into the future of electronic music. From a young age, Jones’ always displayed an unmistakable inclination towards music. An only child of two musically gifted parents, J...