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Sonic Bloom

Sonic Bloom

Sonic Bloom
  • 5AM Trio (Sonic Bloom 2023)

    5AM is Philly-based producer, musician, graphic designer, and creative magnate Sam Andrus. Sam has since forged his inspirations from jazz fusion, funk, and future beats into a style of bass music known to captivate audiences with a spectacle of mesmerizing detail and high resolution sound design...

  • TIEDYE KY Live Band (Sonic Bloom 2023)

  • PHYPHR (Sonic Bloom 2023)

    Phyphr is making waves with his electro-soul stylings and funky, electronic songwriting. Blending live guitar playing with electronic production, Phyphr’s vibrant mix of instrumentation and original vocals has earned him the opportunity to perform alongside acts like The Floozies, Daily Bread, Ma...

  • The Sponges (Sonic Bloom 2023)

    HEY! This is Ryan from The Sponges. What is The Sponges? It's a band Nik and I created in 2018. We make super funky fat bass disco heavy psychedelic groovy house music tunes. Our idea for The Sponges was to bring jamband energy to nightclubs and was originally inspired by artists like GRiZ, Manic...

  • Motifv (Sonic Bloom 2023)

    Welcome to the power of Motifv...Known for delivering a mix of hip-hop, soul, and electronic music all blended in a beautiful collage of old and new, clean and dusty. Sometimes it’s introspective, sometimes, it makes you want to dance, but it will always make you feel something.

  • VibeSquad (Sonic Bloom 2023)

    Music and video maker. Ableton certified trainer. Nature photos and music stuff. Vibesquad does it all and we are glad to welcome him on River Beats TV!

  • Tierro Band (Sonic Bloom 2023)

    TIERRO BAND with Bridget Law features founding members of Elephant Revival, Kan’Nal, and Jyemo Club. Along with Charles Parker Mertens on bass (Thievery Corporation, Rapidgrass) and Nabin Shrestha, a master of the Tabla from Nepal.

  • CRL CRRLL (Sonic Bloom 2023)

  • Hex Kitten (Sonic Bloom 2023)

    Watch Hex Kitten live from Sonic Bloom 2023!