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THE DEEP is live from New Orleans, Denver, and More! Our newest dance series was born out of what River Beats’ wants a party to be; unpredictable and immersive, a journey. There is nothing more fluid than water, and THE DEEP is no different. This series is not confined by location, genre, or by frequency. THE DEEP features unique spaces, unique views, & unique sounds

  • Choppy Oppy Live ft. Fractal Axel

    A man of many talents. Choppy Oppy is an Artist, Record Label Manager, Artist Manager, Talent Buyer and more! Watch him LIVE as he closes out THE DEEP during Marvel Years run in summer 2023!

  • K+Lab

    K+Lab is a New Zealand Born Electronic Music Producer, Artist & Performe

  • VCTRE - Live from THE DEEP

    Featuring guttural bass lines and a vivacious swagger, VCTRE hones in on the textures and boisterous musical attitude that has brought him a growing acclaim across the realm of low-end music.

  • Kaptain

    His style can be described as a blend of electronic, bass music, classic/psychedelic rock, and funk. He infuses live instruments like guitar, keyboard, and analog synthesizers with vinyl samples and electronic production to create a beat-driven, yet emotive brand of dance music. Kaptain’s live sh...

  • Marvel Years

    Since Cory Wythe started the Marvel Years project over a decade ago, he’s been exploring the farthest reaches of solo electronic production. 

    Taking inspiration from alternative masters like RJD2 and Pretty Lights, the Vermont-born and New York-based artist went from fiddling around on Garageban...

  • Goldfish - Live From THE DEEP

    Goldfish is an electronic duo originating from Cape Town, South Africa, consisting of Dominic Peters and David Poole. They create dance music containing elements of house, pop, jazz, and African music.

  • Motifv

    Known to friends and family as Joseph Kechter, Motifv is a 23-year-old musician and producer living in Colorado. His beautifully blunted beats meander between futuristic synthesis and collages of gospel and soul.

  • Marley Carroll - Live From THE DEEP

  • Babsy - Live From THE DEEP

  • MARO - Live From THE DEEP

  • Veggi - Live From THE DEEP

    Listed as someone “transforming the way music is discovered” by Business Insider; the Los Angeles native’s artist career began during the explosion of TikTok in 2020. veggi has made head-spinning remixes and beat videos that have been viewed over 200 million times. Taking influence from house, hi...

  • Lincoln Jesser - Live From THE DEEP

    Lincoln Jesser, artist and producer. playing with air, expanding love!

  • KNETICA - Live From THE DEEP


    BackLeft is a representation of the lucid dream-like state entered in moments of presence with music. Lofi soundscapes combined with morphing basslines aim to take listeners on a journey to the reaches of their imagination.


    Nestra live from THE DEEP (July 8, 2023)